I would like to share a little piece that I originally wrote for my eBook “Cages and Kitchen Tables” but it was too much narration so I gritted my teeth and took out my ‘gold nugget‘. And I couldn’t use it for a synopsis because there is no mention of characters. I thought this would be a good place to share it.

It speaks of Ben Meyer‘s relationship to Ricky Rabbit, the neighbors pet he visits on Friday nights, the one he vowed to keep safe even if he had to go to the ends of the earth. After all, haven’t we all held a pet, maybe caressed and cuddled them, gazed at their innocence and beauty, saw a glimmer of humanity in their eyes, and knew we couldn’t bear to see anything happen to them. And if something did happen wouldn’t we all realize what an emotional shock it would be for the household of that pet, the grief and loss they would feel? That’s what Ben Meyer experiences when an evil stranger, with ulterior motives, kidnaps his beloved friend and Mr. Granstrom’s pet.

What would you do if fate called on you to rise to the occasion, to go on a journey you didn’t know if you were prepared to go on? That’s a tough question. I believe that love is the catalyst to courage. That love knows no fear and it never fails. It will climb the heights and plunge to the depths and never ask for anything in return.

This is for Ben Meyer, Ricky, Spencer, and Tara. My friends.

Sometimes there is a bond between two lives that can’t be explained, a bond that transcends reason and explanation. This bond is cemented by destiny and can’t be broken.

            It has once been said that all things work for good. Good for the lives that have been predestined to go down a certain path. A path they did not choose, yet find themselves on.

            And does ‘all things work for good’ take into account evil? The evil that lurks in the shadows. That plots and plans the demise of innocent lives.

            Maybe more so.

            Struggle, impossible choices, impossible odds, loss, and grief. Aren’t these the things that mold and shape? Aren’t these the things that prepare those who are brave enough to persevere? Brave enough to embrace it and ultimately welcome it.

            In a small town, there are those about to take a journey. One that is about to commence. A journey they did not choose nor want yet find themselves on.

            A journey that will change their lives forever.