Only until a person reaches star status or super star status do people start celebrating their celebrity. It’s because the star is out of reach. The “no way could I ever do that” sets in so you can relax and appreciate their accomplishment. After all, you could never attain that. They must be super human to do that. They must be a freaking alien to do that. So, because the super star possesses an ability that is way above and beyond your mere mortal existence, it allows you to sit back, look at your friend while watching TV, and say “Gee aren’t they incredibly gifted” as you sip on your espresso secretly wishing that was you. 

So, here’s the challenge. You be the star. No, I’m serious. Read my lips. You be the star.

Do you sing? Do you dance? Do you play an instrument? Do you do a stand up routine or have acting ability? Go ahead and give it a shot. Oh, but wait, you’re so ordinary you’ll never achieve that. It’s only for those that get that big break. The ones that have real talent. Heck, we’ve known you all your life and you’re not like one of those at all. 

If you’re like most people that’s what those around you will tell you. Yes, there are the precious few that will hear “Wow, Susie, you have what it takes. We’re with you all the way. You go girl”. But for most of us mere mortals we are told “For Pete sake, sit down, shut up, and just be normal. 

And what are the signs of the “For Pete sake, sit down, shut up, and just be normal” syndrome? How can you tell it’s happening to you? How can you tell those that you’ve loved all of your life will slowly start turning on you? How can you tell? How can you tell that the people you thought would stick by your side, give you that “Adda boy or girl” you need, give you the support your project or talent deserves, will suddenly, quietly desert you? 

Most times it’s the silence. The strange, eerie absence of sound. The absence of any kind of comment about your accomplishment or your attempt. 

 The silence is deafening and it is now very clear that there will be no applause, cheers, or “Hey congratulations”, band or fanfare or any kind of recognition at all for your accomplishment. No nothing. No, not for you. For you see, a very strange phenomena has taken over your family and friends. They thought they knew you.

 So how dare you even try. 

Oh, sure, they mean well with that casual, plastered on smile as they pat your head, squeeze your cheek, and tell you “That’s nice dear” all the while absolutely, positively knowing you will fail. 

So how dare you even try. 

So what is the reason for the silence after your book has hit the stand, when you’ve sung in your first gig, when you’ve strummed your guitar in your first band, when you’ve pranced across the stage in your first audition? It could be, for some family members, the silence, the desertion, the absolute in your face indifference is because, in their mind, they cannot fathom, understand, or comprehend why you didn’t sit down, shut up, and just be normal. That you actually really tried and you did it. After all who do you think you are? 

Of course, that’s just my opinion. 

As you may have already guessed it happened to me. It threw me for a loop. And the strange thing about my case is that some people acted supportive until—oh, oh, his book appeared in living color on Amazon. Then somehow I must have contracted the plaque or leprosy. Now don’t get the wrong idea. I didn’t run around screaming ‘look at me’ as I waved a Kindle in their face insisting they read my book. No, I was a little more tactful than that. Although I did want to do that. I just sat back and let them, friends and family, come to me. I allowed them to comment or not, to ask me about the book or not. And I got a loud and resounding ‘NOT’. I realized my focus was out of whack when my wife told me she had heard someone say that your journey of marketing anything begins when you stop trying to sell it to your family and friends and focus on the public in general. That’s when you have a business. That’s when you have a product. What was I to do? I took her advice. 

If anyone would like to tell their stories feel free. 

Catch you on the down swing because there is only one way to go from there—up.

Lee Pierson